Interesting History; Lacking Story

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I highly recommend reading about the Nigerian Civil War before starting "War Girls". I didn't when I first started the book and I was rather lost in the political climate. After doing some reading (the Author's Note and Wikipedia are your best friends here), it started to make more sense. This is the benefit of diverse stories. Without "War Girls", I am not sure if I would have ever learned about a critical point in history. However, my first complaint was still present.

The book starts off strong. Then the action plateaus and it becomes stagnate. This made it rather hard to continue with the book. The different sections felt disconnected. This disconnect bleeds into the characters. I found them to be compelling in the first section but in the other two they change for the worse.

I would recommend reading this if you want to learn an intriguing point of history and if changing plots and characters don't bother you.