Futuristic action & adventure with important links to today's world

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Based on this first look, Tochi Onyebuchi's War Girls has almost if not ALL the elements of page-turning speculative fiction. These elements include a futuristic setting, a complex social and/or political landscape, attention-grabbing technology, and, perhaps most importantly, echoes from today's world.

I love that this book confronts the fallout of not just climate change, but global conflict. Meanwhile, the relationship between sisters Onyii and Ify gives the story its personal, emotional anchor.

Also, I want to say what an awesome opening THIS is: "The first thing Onyii does every morning is take off her arm. Other War Girls have gotten used to sleeping without their arms or their legs. But Onyii’s phantom limb haunts her in her sleep" (3). In just three sentences, Onyebuchi grabs readers' attention, introduces a central character, and sketches a world of bionic limbs and War Girls.

Can't wait to see how War Girls' action unfolds.

A couple of final notes, before I close...
-I understand the comparisons to Black Panther! War Girls promises similar action and adventure, and speaks to working toward better and more diverse representation in storytelling.
- I like the book cover! It's eye-catching and encourages readers to make predictions about the central character(s), available technology, and futuristic world in the backdrop.