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Wake Up, Wanda Wiley is a fast paced, quirky read that defies any attempt at being pigeon holed into a genre.

One of the funnest parts of this story is that the true main character is Hannah Sharpe, a discarded heroine of author Wanda Wiley's romance novels, who languishes, alone, in Wanda's subconscious until Wanda agrees to ghostwrite a shoot 'em up, testosterone thriller starring Trevor Dunwoody, who reminds her so much of her jerky, cheating, manipulative boyfriend she doesn't know what to do with him (until chapter 16 of his book LOL) and he frequently gets relegated to the purgatory type locale that Hannah exists in.

As Hannah explains to Trevor how their world works, and that they are book characters they both realize that for some reason, Trevor can hear and talk to Wanda and together they work to help Wanda straighten out their stories, and her own life.