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Wake Up, Wanda Wiley by Andrew Diamond

Thank you to Bookish First and Stolen Time Press for the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest and fair review.

Wanda Wiley is a romance author who’s own romance is going down the drain. Her boyfriend is an egotistical, controlling man who thrives on drama and for years Wanda has fed into this, believing it is love. Wanda’s life has become an unhappy cycle of bombed books, arguments and pot smoking until two characters who she has left unfinished figure out how to get her to act. Hannah and Trevor are characters that Wanda developed from the leanings of her conscience, Hannah being attached to her feelings and Trevor to her voice. They realize that they will never be removed from their prison of her imagination and be cast in a book until Wanda finds her passion again.

This story was an easy, quick and very enjoyable read, I was drawn to Wanda’s character and the struggles she had to overcome and feel like I got to know her personally. I also enjoyed the characters of Hannah and Trevor. This book was a mixture of romance, drama while also having some laugh out loud parts to add to the entertainment. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to read it.