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Wanda Wiley is a prolific author who has lost her a relationship with a narcissist of the first caliber and disappearing in the smoke of her pot smoking.
Enter the two characters...Hannah and Trevor. Hannah is a character of Wanda's who has been put on the back burner because she has never fit into any of the books so far. Trevor is from the book she is ghostwriting...and doing quite poorly.
Hannah has always been able to feel what is going on with Wanda and when Trevor appears, they have a pipeline to Wanda's thoughts as well... the two characters know that their characters will never get off the ground if they can't get Wanda's life changed. When they find out that a co-worker has loved Wanda all along they begin to talk to her.
As a writer, you are told that you need to know your characters intimately...and this book truly brings that to life. Really enjoy this!