Social Issues Mystery

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Dalton's book Waiting For The Night Song is a debut novel for her. What first drew me to this story was the mystery of what happened during Cadie and Danielas pre teen years in which they meet and become fast friends. They both seem to love an adventure and find a boat that isn't theirs but claim it as their own to use and they run into the summer kid that they spot sitting on his pier looking dejected.

I really loved the characters Cadie and Daniela and how their relationship develops from pre teens and all the way through to adulthood. There was also two side storylines involving environmental issues and immigration issues which I really appreciated as they pertain to issues going on in our life right now. Another part of the story line pertaining to the environmental issue was how the author used the beetles as the source of the forest fires which was unique in my opinion and it also showed how powerful nature truly can be. I found myself being affected emotionally by this story throughout and would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in reading about any of these topics.