Loved ALMOST as much as Crawdads....

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This book is not a new release, but definitely one that was on my list for awhile to read. It struck me as a twist on Where the Crawdads Sing, and loving that one SO much, I just had to read this one.

This book starts out with Cadie, an environmentalist and entomologist, with expertise in a certain beetle. This beetle goes into areas with draught, and eats through (killing) all the pine trees. The dry wood then becomes a tinderbox for when a fire does take place. She has been trying to warn experts about this, and that thinning the dying forests would help prevent huge devastation in the case of a fire.

Also, Cadie was involved with some tragedy and mystery when she was younger, so when she is called back to her home town by her childhood friend Daniela, those old wounds are opened. I won’t go into this much, as I don’t want to give away a huge part of the story, but this part really carries the book, while Cadie does her environmental “stuff” on the side while she is there.

This book is well written, and in the end, it does seem like it has a lot of parallels to the Crawdad’s book. Environmentalism, a strong female lead and a budding romance, just to name a few. I think those who loved Crawdads, would also like this. It’s does not have the “wow” factor of Crawdads, but it definitely was a great book. I would recommend it to others, and to those who just want a good fiction book. It was well written, and the characters, while flawed, were easily liked by the reader. You were definitely rooting for Cadie and Daniela, as well as their families and friends.