An emotional page turner

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Cadie and Daniella childhood friends spend their summer days picking blueberries, wandering the woods. One day will changed their lives forever.
Cadie now and adult works in the forest registry and she is determined to prove that a beetle is killing trees, and causing devastating fires and destroying wildlife. When she receives a text message from Daniella urging her to come home a body has been found. Cadie returns home and she sees nothing has changed. Haunted by what happened in the woods that summer, she fights the dilemma does she come forward and tell them what she knows or keep it hidden and hope they don’t figure out she was there? The story goes back and forth between past and present, and how the events unfolded we see what led up to the body and how it affected Caddie from the age of eleven into her being an adult. With the murder mystery we also are shown climate change racism, illegal immigration and how they live in fear. The climate change was heavy and I loved the atmosphere and could just picture these two little girls spending their summer forming a friendship and walking through the New Hampshire woods! I’m giving this four stars!