Very interesting read!

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I would classify the book Virgil Wander as a work of literary fiction. It’s not a book filled with a lot of action. It is more a development of the characters, their relationships and the community. Some of the characters are quirky, like the kite-flying Rune who has come to the town of Greenstone, Minnesota, to find his son who he didn’t even know existed until recently. Unfortunately this son has disappeared, but in his place Rune finds a grandson he wasn’t aware of, of course. There are other interesting residents in the town, but Virgil seems to be the resident “good guy” who runs the local movie theater and seems to help everyone in the town. Of late though, Virgil required help when he ran his car off a cliff into water and had to be rescued. Now he has to try to rebuild his memories with the help of his friends and community. Wonderful story about a small Midwestern town and its residents and the simple pleasures of their lives.