Quirky and thought-provoking

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How did I get so lucky as to win an ARC of Virgil Wander?! It’s a quirky, humorous, profound, incredible book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Virgil Wander owns an old movie theater, The Empress, in a small, economically depressed town in Minnesota. He also just survived driving off a bridge and is suffering the effects of a traumatic brain injury. His memory is shaky, he gets bouts of vertigo, and he has trouble finding the right words when he needs them.

In spite of this, Virgil befriends a newcomer named Rune, who loves flying kites and is searching for the son he never met. What transpires is unexpected and thought-provoking. Virgil Wander explores such tragic themes as death, decline, and depression in a way that is neither overly dramatic nor flippant. It’s infused with just the right amount of humor and quirk. Ultimately, I think Virgil Wander is about community: the family you’re born with and the family you choose. As Virgil says, “Your tribe is always bigger than you think.”

I can not recommend Virgil Wander highly enough. It has shot right up to the top of my list of favorite books. Thank you to Bookish First and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.