A valuable parenting resource

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I think this is a very good book to read as a new (or not so new!) parent. There is a lot of reflection to do to make sure you can have the best relationship with your child. And what made this connect with me was how the author showed us that even she isn't a perfect parent.

There are many layers to this novel and how it can help you raise your child. And this is a resource that can be used for a multitude of years as your parent grows and as you grow as a parent.

Throughout this book, there are many exercises that connected with me and helped me reflect on how my past has influenced my own parenting journey. I also enjoyed that the author mentioned other resources that she also used that could help her readers. Each section is short but informative.

Ultimately, this is a book that will stay on my shelf and be brought down when I need a reminder of how I want to parent.