Reader Insider's Review of Unseelie

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The book is unique in the sense that it targets a topic in a different way. Autism and faerie changelings. The story is about twin sisters, each fleeing their own dilemmas. One, a proficient rogue, and the other, a changeling grappling with questions about her origins. Iselia, known as "Seelie" Graygrove is an autistic changeling grappling with capricious magical forces. Their destinies intertwine when a botched heist unexpectedly introduces them to comrades, thrusting them into a broader enigma woven into the tapestry of both human and fae history. As their tale progresses, both sisters gradually grasp that the faeries' enigmatic secrets hold significance beyond material wealth.

Overall, this book was interesting and had a good YA plot. I wish there was more the story in the sense that it had something that held the reader throughout. I had a hard time feeling like I was involved with the characters and it was hard to relate to them as well. I liked the faerie aspect because it is one of my favorite fantasy realms. It is especially great for young adults.