Neurodivergent fae book

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This book follows twin sisters on the run search for treasure and for a purpose. Seelie is an autistic changeling who needs to harness her magic to protect her, her sister, and others.
The author in the books follows the ideas that children that were believed to be changelings in real life were really neurodivergent kids. As a neurodivergent person myself it felt so good to see someone like me in a fantasy story. I found this to be an extremely well written book with likable characters. I think the world building and the natural progression of the themes made this a very easy read while being incredibly enjoyable. I also am somewhat of a fae book snob and and I find a lot of the mainstream fae books to be hard to read because of my knowledge. I am happy to say that I did not find that to be the case with this book. I love this book and I cannot wait to read more books by this author!