I liked the diversity

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A fun adventure with an autistic changeling, her human sister, and some new associates as they take on a heist. I feel like we don’t get to see as much diversity in fantasy as we do in other genres, so I loved that this had good autistic rep within that framework.

I love the idea of a changeling and their “twin” being raised together because their mom was not about to give up either of “her” babies. The girls had such a good relationship and strong sibling bonds is something else I really enjoy.

We have a kind of enemies to lovers that is one of my favorite tropes for romance, given a fresh feel with Seelie’s perspective as narrator.

This was very entertaining and I didn’t realize going in it was a duology- I can’t wait to see more of it. The end definitely lets you know that more should be coming! The world was very fun.
Great for fans of the Oddmire looking for something more grown up, those who love a fantastical treasure hunt with a group of misfits, and anyone who is looking for more neurodiverse rep.