Great character development!

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I must admit, I wasn't attracted to this book by the cover. I think they could have have come up with one that is more of an attention grabber. But after reading the short blurb. I thought it might be an interesting book to read, after all, I do enjoy the occasional Sci-Fi, Fantasy type book. I was also curious about how the autistic character would be presented.

Shortly after starting it, I became completely immersed in the story. The author has a delightful way of writing captivating descriptions and the plot itself is quite interesting. The character development is also extremely well done. I got a real sense of the backgrounds of the main people in the book--what their family lives were like, and what motivated them to undertake the journey they were on.

With some action scenes that kept me reading longer than I planned to, and a story that really holds up throughout, this book is a good choice.