Cute but meh

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After reading the little blurp from bookish first I thought this book would be a little different than what it was....

Once again twins 🙄 must be the thing this year. I'm kind of over that. (That's not why I gave three)

I gave three because while it is enjoyable..... A LOT is brought up or mentioned but like.... Nothing has any kind of answers. I was about half way and was like? Goodness is this going to be a series.... But I don't see any "book one" on here so... I don't know where this is going to go.

They go on this adventure to this place that no one comes back from.....and yeah you have a magic compass but just walk in because you're mad at your sister??? 🙄 No kind of traps ? Or things that will kill you?? Other than the loves interests aunt. 🙄

The ending is left open for another but as it sits I'm not chomping at the bit for another one (or the next one)

*Main character is autistic