A wild ride with memorable characters!

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I loved every second of this book. The characters are funny and relatable, and watching the unlikely foursome develop without the usual YA cliches was refreshing. I was touched by the author's nod to older generations of autistic children at the very beginning of the book. "They called us changelings." She beautifully portrays Seelie's challenges and triumphs, and highlights her humor and strength. Side characters are never forgotten - they all have their own motivations and character development behind the scenes, which blew me away. I grew up reading "The Moorchild" until the cover fell off, so "Unseelie" was simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. If you are expecting a standalone, let's just say I sincerely hope there is a second book coming any day now because I need more! I do wish the story had been wrapped up, but it was an exciting read nonetheless!