True Crime Lover!! I loved It!!

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Where are all my true crime lovers at?
This book was absolutely fascinating! Paul Holes is a crime scene investigator for the Contra Costa County which is located in the Bay Area, California. He helped uncover the Golden State Killers identity and bring justice to all of his victims, he also worked on solving Jaycee Dugard's and Laci Peterson's cases. He takes you on a journey from the beginning of his career, and the toll of working such grueling cases , and how it affected his family life and his mental health. I can’t imagine seeing what he saw and not taking it home with you. Holes was also at the forefront of using family DNA to solve crimes, which has helped close so many cold case and bring closure to families. Paul introduces us to many other cases that he worked and how he built a relationship with Michelle McNamara as she worked on her own investigation of The Golden State Killer.
This book is part true-crime, and personal memoir. I can’t recommend it enough. I found myself googling so many of the cases he worked and doing my own research! He retired but still works on cases on his own time. We can’t thank him enough.