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This is my first Paul Holes book I have ever read, and now think I might be a fan of his forever. I absolutely loved his writing style, and while some of the topics he wrote about were very heartbreaking and brought me to tears, the way he analyzed each crime scene made me think of how I analyze things differently. Also the way he described his home life, I could understand. I’ve never been a law enforcement wife, but I was a veteran myself and I married a veteran. I still remember raising a newborn baby all by myself while my hubby deployed, and how lonely I was away from my family, so I can sympathize with his wives. As a vet though I understand the long hours away from my family more than a civilian would in that situation. Still it hurt my mamas heart when he talked about his relationships with his kids. It really is hard to have one when you are gone for so long. This book had me until the end, and now I need to read all his books and listen to all the podcasts.