An okay memoir

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3.5 stars

If you follow true crime then, odds are, you know who Paul Holes is. I do so I went in fully expecting to absolutely love this. I shouldn't have done that. What I wasn't expecting was to find how he portrays himself kind of off-putting. It IS a memoir so, of course, he is writing about himself. But it came across as very woe is me-ish. Clearly he's good at his job but that came with major sacrifices. I can appreciate his dedication to solving these crimes and trying to bring the victims justice..but it was Holes himself who took me out of the book.

Do I dislike the book? No. I'll probably just stick to his podcasts though. Is it worth a read? Yes. I think that if you're new to true crime, you'll like this book more because you'll know less about the cases. He focuses a lot on the GSK case...which is a very big well known case...unless you don't really follow true crime. All in all it was an okay read for me.