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I was given a signed copy of Paul Holes' memoir "Unmasked" last year for my birthday. As an avid true crime consumer, I have become very picky about the memoirs and non-fiction authors in this particular genre. After being a fan of Paul Holes' podcast "Murder Squad" and watching him discuss many cases that the was familiar with or responsible for helping solve, I knew this book would be one to keep on my shelves and share with others.

Holes is candid in this memoir about his career and the all-consuming impact it took on his daily life and his marriage. He honestly shares stories that resonated with him as a forensic scientist and investigator. This book is not for the weak of heart, however. There are some very vivid descriptions of crime scenes that include some stomach churning details of suspicious deaths and murders. I also would highly recommend listening to Holes read his own book. His voice is one meant for radio and tv.