Perfect for True Crime fans!

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Read this are a true crime fan.

This is a memoir about Paul Holes, a retired detective who has worked on several of America’s infamous cold cases. From Jaycee Dugar to Laci Peterson, Holes has investigated some of the most publicized crimes. He is best known for having been the driving force behind identifying the Golden State Killer. He gives a lot of forensic details about the crimes and his investigative process, while also sharing how his obsession with catching the bad guys affected his personal life.

I’m a true crime fan, so I knew I needed to get my hands on this book. I was a bit skeptical about all the hype it’s been receiving because it’s been my experience that true crime books can be very poorly written. While I’ve tried dozens, I’ve often been left disappointed by the bland delivery of an otherwise fascinating story. Fortunately, this memoir read like fiction, which allowed me to fly through it like it was a thriller. I already knew a lot about most of the cases Holes worked on, but it was interesting to hear an insider’s take on the investigations. I can confidently recommend this to fans of true crime and police procedurals!