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Book Review- Unmasked: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases by Paul Holes

Unmasked is a true crime memoir by investigator Paul Holes. It details his personal life and his involvement in high profile murder cases.

In Unmasked Paul Holes gives us a peek behind the curtain on what it is really like working with law enforcement on tough cases. He details the stress it caused in his marriages and the politics of working alongside other agencies. He also remembers fondly his work alongside the late writer Michelle McNamara and her efforts to find the Golden State Killer. He also explains how DNA is used to close cold cases and tighten the net. While a good portion of this book is spent on The Golden State Killer and his crimes it also touches on his involvement on other high profile cases such as Laci Peterson Jaycee Lee Duggard.

I highly recommend this to readers interested in true crime, criminology or law enforcement so they can read first hand what people on the profession sacrifice to catch a killer.