Must read for true crime fans

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To the world of true crime, Paul Holes is a. As a longtime fan of true crime I first became familiar with Holes in 2018 upon the release of Michelle McNamara’s book I’ll be gone in The Dark. Paul devoted his life as a cold case investigator for the Contra Costa County, California. In 2018 after Paul aided in the arrest of the 40 year old cold case of James DeAngelo aka The Golden State killer, he became a household name.

Unmasked is Paul’s memoir reflecting on his time spent solving America’s toughest cold cases. Paul talks about how he got started as a detective and how working these cases impacted his personal life. Paul takes readers on a behind the scenes look at forensics, and genealogy. And of course Paul reflects his time spent on the most famous cases he worked, including The Golden State Killer.

I enjoyed so many things about this book but the amount of respect and dedication that Paul has for the victims and families is phenomenal. Never once did he come off as exploitive or insensitive to the victims or their families, you can tell that he had them in mind the entire time spent writing this. Paul obsessed over the fact that the victims families were left to deal with the horrible aftermath of murder all the while their killer had the freedom to live a normal life after he’d destroyed so many others.

Told with raw honesty, it was interesting to get inside the mind of such a hero. True Crime fans will absolutely love this one! Not only do I highly recommend Unmasked for fans of true crime but I also recommend listening to his podcast, Jenson and Holes.