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This book, from Paul Holes, does a deep dive into cold case investigations, in general, and more specifically, into the case of the Golden State Killer. This is a perfect compliment to I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara, and tells a different perspective we don’t see in that book.

The pacing of this book is perfect, interspersing chapters specifically about the Golden State Killer with other cases, to keep things fresh from chapter to chapter.

Some may not like the content, as there are many triggers. Rape and murder are present in every chapter, as you would expect with this type of true crime book.

You really feel compassion for both the victims that Paul fights so hard for, and for Paul himself. He has a drive for justice that is unparalleled, and it is on full display in this book.

Overall, this book is wonderful, but not for the feint of heart. The content is graphic, and may be too much for sensitive readers.