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Paul Holes, cold case investigator, and one of true crimes biggest names - reveals the darker side of being a detective on some horribly gruesome and terrifying cold cases in this true crime career memoir. From the Golden State Killer and Laci Peterson, to the Zodiac killer and the disappearance of Jaycee Dugard, Paul has worked on some of the most complex and high profile cases in American history. ⁣

I read and loved Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark - and this was almost like a companion read for me. Seeing it from a different perspective, connecting their stories together, and learning more about how investigation, behavior, and forensics can take even the slimiest of serial predators down.⁣

I loved the personal side of this story as well. Of course there is that high. The reward. The incomparable feeling when a case is solved and you can finally give a devastated family some closure. But the thing that is usually never talked about are the intense lows. The haunting toll this job can take on their family, personal relationships, and also the mental health of these talented and fascinating sleuths - and the sacrifices they must make to give other families some peace.⁣

All the stars for this one - and perfect for any true crime fan!