Homicide Detective to Retiree - Highlights and Regrets

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Assuming you picked up Unmasked because you enjoy the occasional foray into true crime, I'm willing to bet you are already familiar with Paul Holes. Even if you don't realize you are. Holes has been a Californian Homicide Detective at the heart of many sensational investigations over his lengthy career making him, at the time of publication, infamous.

Right off the bat, Holes introduces us to the man he was upon the precipice of retirement. Broken, flawed, and filled with an unrelenting sense of justice. Despite being a first-person memoir, his prose is equally dark and enthralling. (Mind you, I might have preferred less editorial speculation at the expense of his victims.)

In the same vein as other retired detectives who have come before, Paul Holes paints the picture of his call to service and eventual disillusionment. Unlike other memoirs, however, he is highly critical of himself and his own shortcomings. Critical, though not necessarily apologetic.

If you enjoy Holes' recent foray into television, or simply want to take a peek at the macabre world of homicide- this one will definitely stay with you.