Great, Informative Read

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This was such a great read by Paul Holes. His career was definitely something to be proud of. You could feel this man's feelings right off the pages. His empathy for victims is what made him exceptionally great at this job. Once he was on the hunt for a suspect, he never let up. Yes, there were times cases went unsolved, but he made a huge impact with the ones that did get solved. This man worked so hard to bring justice to victims, that his personal life did suffer. His need to give these victims some sort of peace was so ingrained in him that he had to keep going. I love how he talks about all the forms of forensics, and how vital of a role they play in solving cases. He brought the victims to us ,the readers, in a way that helped us know who these people are, and the horrific tragedies they encountered. The world needs more people like Paul Holes. I'm grateful to this man for all he has done.