Goes into so many interesting cases

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The first look of this book brings up so many different cases. So many intriguing cases that I was completely mesmerized at first glance. The horrifying facts of the way the little girl Carla was raped and murdered after her Valentine’s Day dance and left with her dress laying over her body was terrible. Scott and and Lacy Petersen were also brought up and the way the author stated that Scott was the one to kill his 8 month pregnant wife makes it known to the reader exactly what the author is thinking happened. It’s very straightforward and direct. He also brought up the Jacey case and stated she had two children with her kidnappers and rapist. The fact she was right under their noses for 18 years is also something I didn’t know. This book seems like it’s going to be one for the books. I’ve never seen so many cases brought up with such fierce writing.