Eye Opening

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"That's the thing about these tragedies. There are so many victims. "
I'm not the type to read memoirs since it's not my favorite genre. When this book found its way onto my feed, I was intrigued by it being about a subject I'm interesting in. I love reading about true crimes, and I thought this would give me a great behind-the-scenes look. Paul Holes did not disappoint! His descriptions of what really goes down in crime labs and investigations were truly eye-opening. It gives a sense of how these heinous crimes affect real people and the people who dedicate their lives to solving them. Even though I don't live in the state of California, it was interesting to learn about the cold cases and the serial killers who made their mark there. I would recommend this to anyone who loves true crime and cold cases that get solved for the most part.
(This quote is from the book.)