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Is there anything better than listening to Paul Holes' soothing voice? Perhaps listening to him recount how he caught some of the most violent predators and made the world a bit safer?

Throughout his memoir, Paul Holes, shares his experience as a detective and how he has solved many cold cases. He discusses where his desire to become a detective came from, how it has impacted his personal life, and how it impacts his mental health.

Holes writing makes it feel as though he was sitting with you and recounting his life over a glass of bourbon. It was easy to follow his experiences though he weaved through very different aspects of his life. I went into this story fully expecting to learn about his career and experiences solving cases. What I did not expect was to have him pair those cases with where he was at in his personal life and how deeply the two were intertwined. Holes wonderfully tied both parts of his life together to create a well-balanced memoir and I am grateful to him for sharing his journey with us.