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I enjoyed reading about Paul Holes and how he spent his career solving cold cases. I do think it was a little slow in the fact that we only learned about 1 main guy and how Paul kept getting the wrong suspect. I think it shows people how dedicated he was to finding this one guy, and he even explained how it impacted his family.

I do feel like the book was a bit graphic, and those scenes were often told multiple times which was a little uncomfortable. I feel like his outside of work life wasn’t mentioned much. He talked about how his career took a toll on his family, and his mental health which led him to drinking. It came off as him almost being selfish or shallow in that his work was his life and that’s it. I’m sure it wasn’t supposed to come off that way. I felt that it almost wasn’t worth mentioning his family and family life since it was so minimal in the first place.

The book overall was interesting and I learned a lot. I still felt the book fell a little flat. I liked hearing about the high drama career he had, and glad he fulfilled his purpose of helping families feel at peace.