Are monsters real?

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This memoir blew my mind. I absolutely loved it. I loved Paul’s style of writing, sharing and expressing his raw emotions while trying desperately to solve some of the toughest cold cases out there. I thought he shared a lot about himself and his personal life. I really connected with his struggles with keeping his anxiety under control.

I was impressed with his true talent for solving cases, his drive, and work ethic. I really enjoyed reading about all the specifics that went into solving a cold case and the science behind everything. The cold cases discussed in this book were extremely interesting. He really wanted justice and closure for the victims and their families.

Some of the cases mentioned in their book I had already heard of from the news and reading articles online. One serial killer I had never heard of that really got my attention was Phillip Joseph Hughes, Jr. He was a real life monster. Another monster who was more well-known was the Golden State Killer. The GSK case was amazing and so intriguing. This monster had a normal everyday life with a family in a nice neighborhood.

This memoir was a quick read for me and it will definitely stick with me for a long time.

Highly recommend for all true crime readers!