A fantastic nonfiction read!

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UNMASKED by Paul Holes is a nonfiction memoir about the author’s work solving crimes, particularly cold cases, through investigation, lab work, and other forensics. He has made a career out of working alongside police and taking on extra work (both sanctioned and not) to look into cases long gone dormant. The book looks at his successful career and often his less than successful personal life as his pursuit of evil dominates his focus and attention.⁠

I was able to get this on audio which is narrated by the author which is always a selling point for me when it comes to an audiobook!⁠

This was a fantastic read! This is not a book that shies away from the gory detail of vicous crimes and the investigation that follows, so if gore and medical issues aren’t your speed, this might be one to avoid. Even so, getting the ins and outs of looking into cold cases, both the successes and the failures, made for a very intriguing read.⁠

I also found it very interesting in the way the personal and professional life were explained. Having a mind enmeshed in crime and the hunt for evil definitely takes a toll and the author is very upfront in the ways that his marriages and his role as a father suffered.⁠

This is definitely one I’d recommend to those who enjoy nonfiction and true crime! The audio is absolutely worth picking up!⁠