A behind the scenes view of finding the Golden State Killer

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The shows I like to watch on the ID channel are the ones where the cases get solved. The open ended ones are just way too frustrating! That being said, while this book was attention catching and a compelling read, I was disappointed in some of the cold cases that Paul Holes introduced that were intriguing but he never solved them. That would be why I can't give this book the full five stars. It would have been better to only put in the solved cases, though that is just my opinion.

Paul Holes search for the Golden State Killer, which was the big case in this book, and a big part of his life for many years (starting from when the killer was known as the East Area Rapist) and his career was fun to read about and I came to appreciate the effort he put into it trying to figure out his identity, sometimes at the expense of his personal life and family. I remember when it was all over the news and it was cool to get a behind the scene view of it all.

So, it was an enjoyable read and I am glad I got the chance to read it.