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Dedication that’s the first word that comes to mind after reading the first look. Paul Holes has been a dedicated detective since he began his career decades ago. Sacrificing his friends, marriages and children. Being a detective isn’t just his job over the course of his career it had become his life. The victims and their families aren’t just statistics but real people to him he knows every name and forgets no one. His duty is to them and to get Justice for them even if it comes at a huge cost for Paul. He was in the midst of some of the biggest cases in recent memory from Laci Peterson to the Golden State Warrior case that had been unsolved for decades. He has seen the worst most horrific things but that’s what keeps him going. Solving as many cases as possible it has consumed his every thought. I really felt for this detective he has seen hell much to the disappointment of his family. His thinking was and is extremely honorable and while it was incredibly hard to read about the cases he’s worked his efforts and work bringing this psychos to Justice was very satisfying. As a lover of true crime I would love to read more about Paul’s story.