Thorough and Perseverent

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I became acquainted with Jane Tennison through Prime Suspect on Public Television. I was hooked and then I realized that the show was based on works by Lynda La Plante. Her writing style suits the characters perfectly. The characters are human with faults and emotions; it is refreshing to read about characters who are so realistic.

La Plante takes the reader through the steps of investigations so well. Realizing that there is not a straight path to the resolution pulls the reader into the plot. Sometimes resolution never comes. but the characters must "move on."

Tennison is, at times, her own worst enemy - stepping over the line in her personal life and professional life as well. It does complicate her life and sometimes the case. It seems she does overcome most of the issues.

I find her unwillingness to be judged differently because she is a woman by those she works with commendable. She will be on a par with others in the force without regard to gender.

Always a good read!