Just OK For Me

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Detective Tennison has been working as a police officer for quite some time in the London area. She has recently been moved to a new jurisdiction because of some...issues at her previous posting. She expects this new posting to be quiet and mostly involve petty thefts and maybe the occasional drug charge. All of those expectations are turned on their head when a casket is found on a building site and there is a body inside. Tennison and her partner quickly find themselves at odds with their bosses....and the Catholic Church.

So this is a pretty slow read for me. This is one of many mysteries featuring detective Tennison. It was easy to follow and was definitely standalone from the other stories, which was a hug plus for me as I have not read any of the other Tennison stories. The story was intriguing at points and the story and its' players were very complex and entwined. It is definitely a story you had to pay attention to or you would forget all of the people and how they connected to one another. Forgetting even one player would leave the ending with holes!

The two complaints I had were all of the major sidebars in the story. We would be talking about findings from a lab test and the characters would randomly start talking about something totally irrelevant. This happened frequently throughout the story and I couldn't figure out what purpose these tangents served or the author's intent. As such, it slowed the plot down a lot for me. The other was how dissatisfying the end was. We connected all the dots and got all the answers, but there was definitely no sense of punishment or justice or the victims getting any kind of representation. That was a pretty big let down for me and I would like to think it isn't accurate, but perhaps that is wishful thinking.