Very interesting dynamics

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I’ve seen previews for this book on Instagram and it intrigued me so when I saw the cover on here i immediately read the excerpt. The first chapter really caught my attention as it put us right into the climax of the story with the FMC, full of fear and confusion just to leave off on that cliffhanger. A classic but genius way to start. The rest was better than what I was excepting with four seemingly random girls, two of which has a complicated history, going down into the catacombs with a stranger. You can feel the suspense building as the story continues, wondering what could possibly be chasing them as shown in the first chapter and how the girls navigate inside and what secrets they share in the nature of survival. I’m also looking forward to expanding into the MMC and how he goes about his crush missing. The descriptive details of the scenes and the limited yet strategically placed contextual information hooks the reader and sparks curiosity as well as uncertainty. Overall I’m excited to read this book