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I liked this book very much. It was much better than I was expecting. I loved Ruby and Sean. Ruby’s friend… well so called friend…there was something off about her. Ruby and Sean’s friendship from beginning to end was chefs kiss. But, the ending is what got me. It was so good and unexpected. I need more from this author. The writing style was right up my alley. I love that Ruby wants to be a travel YouTuber. And, not for the same old, same old travel spots. That she likes the off the beaten path kinda stuff. Sean really loves ruby and it shows how he was trying to find her. It was definitely a will she or won’t she be found kind of vibe. But, you just have to wait and see if Sean does or maybe he doesn’t find her. Ruby’s “friend” isn’t the best for her. She just has to talk to this stranger guy and just has to go to his party. I really didn’t like her at all from the beginning. The cover art for this book is good. I don’t know if it changed or is changing but it’s good.