Solid thriller

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Solid psychological thriller.

This is my second Diana Urban book. She has this way of writing that makes you feel so incredibly unsettled and it is all at once compelling and deeply terrifying. Which is of course the point to psychological thrillers.

I think what worked well here was the concept of friendship and how it changes, how forgiveness works, what it takes to stand up to others for yourself, there were a lot of ideas here regarding those things and it was all beautifully written. I especially loved Selena and Ruby’s relationship throughout the book.

The romance, while cute, was more of a sub-sub-plot to both the thriller and the friendship plots. 😂 I’m surprised it’s part of the tagline and the summary because to me, it wasn’t super prominent besides letting us see what’s going on up top. I didn’t mind it, but I expected more of it with how much it was hyped before I started reading.

Overall, I think I’d keep reading Diana’s work when I need a very unsettling thriller. But it’s definitely a mood read.