Loved it!

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Thank you Bookish First and Penguin Teen, for allowing me to read an ARC of Under The Surface by Diana Urban.
It would be a mistake to discount this because this is categorized as a YA book; the story is spooky and mesmerizing, and not just for younger readers.
Yes, the main characters are young, but you will love getting to know them and their trials and tribulations. I especially liked how their emotions and reactions felt so realistic. The story is extremely well-paced and builds up to an unexpected conclusion that shocked me. and kind of came out of left field The writing r drew me into the story, and I researched more about the catacombs as soon as I finished the book because the book piqued my interest. If you’re looking for a fascinating, emotional read that will keep you glued to the pages, pick up this book! You won't be disappointed.