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Let's start with the cover: beautiful and mysterious with the skull.
Onto what I've read, flipping through the pages eagerly wanting more.
Diana Urban has done it again with the mystery romance genre. She entraps the reader much like the characters in her books(the characters wanting out the reader wanting more) Now, I only read the first impression of UNDER THE SURFACE, and even before I read it, I knew I was going to love it and want more. There's something about the premise that drew me in: the threat of being lost in catacombs(super scary, yet I have to read it.) Give me mystery, flirtations, and the possibility of murder any day, and I'm hooked:readinf, buying, talking, etc.
I'll definitely be counting down the days until Diana Urban's next book release of UNDER THE SURFACE, so I can feel the emotion that the characters feel as I navigate myself through her book like her characters through the catacombs.