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This book is a YA thriller that follows four girls who go missing on a school trip in Paris. The story is told from a dual POV: Ruby (one of the missing girls) and Sean (her high school crush who is anxiously trying to solve the mystery of where they went).

As far as thrillers go, it was entertaining, if a little slow at times. The book is full of high school/teenage angst-y-ness. While the girl drama unfolds underground, Sean is busy fighting his years of being under the controlling thumb of his father. There is some character development throughout the book where they recognize their weaknesses and begin to fight against them.

The ending was a surprise with plenty of twists and turns along the way. I appreciated the story. It was unique and different, but it was a bit too YA for me (as a nearly 40 year old woman). I think this book would be a great read for teens who love mysteries and thrillers.