Intense and Dangerous!!!

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“I never thought I’d die alone in the dark under the City of Light.” Here are reasons to read the YA Thriller book:

French Trip - On a french class trip to Paris
Travel Youtuber - Ruby joins her classmates in sightseeing. And as a travel youtuber, she is anxious to see the secret sights
Catacombs - When her roommate Val is invited to a party in the catacombs, Ruby knows she must keep her from getting in trouble despite wanting to see what the secret tunnels hold
Chase - but they are lost in the dark tunnels, without cell service. And something is chasing them.

First, I want to say a huge thank you for Bookish First and Netgalley for letting me read one of my most anticipated books of the year way before the August release. Diana Urban is one I discovered last year and I am super excited to continue reading her works. This book goes between what is happening with Ruby in her point of view with 3 other classmates, and Sean, who is Ruby’s best guy friend and crush. He propels the investigation along so we can see what is happening up top. To be honest, I was more into what is happening with Ruby as it is very intense and dangerous. But overall, this book got me very interested to know more about the Paris catacombs!