I’m suddenly claustrophobic!

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I never really considered myself claustrophobic until reading this book 😅

Under the Surface was SO stressful. I feel like there were no moments of downtime and there was constant tension. Pretty sure my heart rate was elevated the whole time I was reading 🤣

Julien was probably my favorite character. It was so hard to get a read on him and he really kept me guessing. There were quite a few characters that I was suspicious of. Diana Urban did a really great job with the suspense in this book.

I was not expecting so many of the things that ended up happening! I was hooked from the beginning, but as soon as I got to a certain part, I flew through the rest, needing to know how it was going to end.

I was also shocked that I cried during this book! There were just so many tense moments and a couple of really sad ones that I definitely was not expecting! I’ll be thinking about this one for awhile.