I couldn’t put it down!

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I absolutely loved this book, it held me completely captive the entire time. The thought of being trapped underneath a vibrant city in the catacombs with no way out is a nightmare. There were so many twists and turns (quite literally) I was scared for the girls. I never expected what happened in two of the chapters to happen. I really liked the dynamic and backstory of each of the main characters. I didn’t trust Justin when we first met him and spent the entire book flip flopping on my thoughts on him.

I loved the underlying themes of friendship, strength and even romance. Sean doing everything in power to make sure he was heard and make sure they wouldn’t stop looking for them.

Being lost with friends and enemies, while stuck in the dark and not knowing whether you’ll survive or not, some deep secrets are bound to come out and friendships are tested.

I highly recommend this book, it will leave you guessing to the end on who to trust and who will betray you. I couldn’t put it down.