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oly moly, this was everything I thought it would be! As an avid enthusiast of horror films that trap characters in tight spots, like "The Descent," I've always been captivated by the genre. However, one such movie, "As Above, So Below," which revolves around the harrowing tale of adventurers lost in the Parisian catacombs, always left me wanting more. I approached this novel with the anticipation that it would fill the void that the film left.

And it certainly did.

In "Under the Surface," we're not presented with ghostly terrors, but rather the palpable dread of navigating the perilous catacombs and the uncertainty of misplaced trust. We follow Ruby, who is drawn to the thrill of exploring the catacombs' non-tourist sections. Alongside her and three peers is a dubious Parisian guide, leading them into a labyrinthine nightmare. As they encounter one peril after another, dealing with injuries, dwindling resources, and the absence of communication, their situation spirals. Ruby is haunted by the thought that her remains could join the six million others entombed within the catacomb's walls.

The novel's oppressive atmosphere is masterfully crafted, making the moments of respite through Sean's alternating viewpoint a welcome relief. It provides a glimpse into the outside world, where the disappearance of Ruby and her classmates begins to capture global attention. Sean's ingenuity in the search for his friend is both refreshing and engaging.

Incorporating the dynamic of Ruby and her former best friend trapped together heightens the suspense and emotional stakes. The narrative is relentlessly fast-paced, leaving no room for lulls. Both Ruby and Sean are in a desperate race against time, and just when you anticipate the author might settle into familiar young adult storytelling tropes, the plot takes astonishing turns. Brace yourself for jaw-dropping revelations and moments that will leave you asking, did she really JUST DO THAT??

This thriller pulls no punches. This is a must-read for thriller fans!