Excited to Read More

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After reading the excerpt, I was left wanting to read more. I am not a huge fan of young adult, but found that this one was not too bad. I did find that the writing style did bother me a bit, but not so much that I would not want to continue reading the book. I do wish that at the beginning of the book we were given more of a backstory of the characters, rather than jumping right into the story. Maybe the book could have started a little before they got to Paris, just to provide enough to where you get to know the characters a bit more. I also did not understand why Sean had his own chapter, when every other chapter in the excerpt was Ruby. But maybe tis makes more sense as you read more of the book. After reading the excerpt, I am looking forward to reading the remainder of the story, to know more about the characters, and to know what happens. It also seems that it would lead well into another book being written.