Did not disappoint !!

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Tw: death/ bodies and vivid descriptions of such, suffocation, flashback of a death from child birth.

Genre: thriller/romance/contemporary

She’ll do whatever it takes to survive, he’ll do whatever it takes to find her.
It all starts in glittering paris, the city of light. ruby and her classmates including her close (more than?) friend Sean, bestie Val, and ex best friend Selena are visiting for a class trip. When one night Val runs off with a mysterious French boy promising a once in a lifetime opportunity, a party in the Paris catacombs that lie deep underneath the city. Ruby and two others run after her and from there everything spirals.

I had found out about this book via Diana Urbans social media and the plot immediately intrigued me. a high stakes, angsty, and thrilling story with a boy so in love he’ll risk it all to save the girl? Um yes please.

Nearly every chapter leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next and it’s paced in a way that’s not too rushed but doesn’t get boring. The plot twists were pretty well done aswell. It’s just such a creative and unique plot.

I also really liked the way there were different viewpoints presented when someone did something wrong, it didn’t necessarily justify their actions but rather made them understandable and explainable.

Overall reading this the characters really felt like humans simply dealing with emotions in the way humans would. (ofc with some insane trauma and thrills thrown in)